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Feeling anxious and overwhelmed studying for the New SAT test?
- We've been there.

The SAT is newly updated as of early 2016 and is a huge factor in the amount of scholarships you can get and what college you get accepted into.

So it's normal to worry that your test scores are not high enough to achieve what you want.

Don’t fear!
After working through our customizable online SAT prep course you will feel calm, confident, and ready to 'own' the test!

Plus those colleges you are trying to get into will be within reach and scholarships may even come to you!

Does it really help to study though?
Yes. 100% yes!

Let's look at why.

Say you want to go to ASU and here is where you stand now:
GPA: 3.0
SAT: 1140  (out of 1600... or about 570 out of 800 on each section)

Without raising your GPA at all, just an extra 10 points on the SAT gets you $1500 for your first year in scholarships! Over 4 years, that's $6000!

Studying doesn't seem so bad now, right?

And what if you could get your SAT score to 1200?
Now that's $2,500/year or $10,000 total!

What if you could get your SAT score to 1240?
Now that's $6,000/year or $24,000 total!

How about getting your SAT score to 1440?
Now that's $8,000/year or $32,000!

scholarships to asu example

And if your GPA is higher -- say 3.5 -- the picture is even brighter. Now, a score as low as 960 overall earns you scholarship money. Raise your score to 1310-1440 and you are looking at $32,000. With 1450-1600, now you are in the $38,000 range!scholarships to asu example

This is just one school as an example with a 3.0 or 3.5 GPA, but take it to see that even small increases in your SAT score can lead to HUGE gains for college so you don't have to take on as much debt.

Higher scores also lead to getting into a well-known school instead of a no-name school so that you have better job earning potential later too.

So, put on your comfy study pants, and...


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What's included in the SAT course?

1. Unlimited Access to all 51+ Lessons!
3 "New" SAT Overview Lessons
29 SAT Math Lessons
4 SAT Reading Lessons
12 SAT Writing Lessons
3 SAT Optional Essay Lessons (coming soon)

100% Online. Completely customizable.

3. No contracts. Pay as you go.
Great for cramming or fitting into a budget!

Higher scores lead to scholarships and entrance to better colleges.
[About $1.30/day for the chance to earn THOUSANDS and get into a better college.]

BONUS 1: Access to Pre-Test Quizzes designed by us specifically to identify exact topics you need to study to improve your mastery of the important test topics.

BONUS 2: Access to Private VIP Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get help from top tutors and other students.

BONUS 3: Access to the Ultimate Test Prep Checklist with links to important dates, resources, and more.

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